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This Day in History

USSR Expelled from the League of Nations (1939)
The League of Nations was an international confederation of countries created after World War I and disbanded following World War II when many of its functions were transferred to the United Nations. The League collapsed when faced with threats to international peace from all sides in the 1930s, including the Spanish civil war, Japan's resumption of war against China, and the appeasement of Adolf Hitler at Munich. Its last important act was to expel the Soviet Union in 1939 for doing what? Discuss

Council of Trent Convened (1545)
The Council of Trent made sweeping reforms to the Catholic Church over 18 years, eliminating many abuses criticized in the Protestant Reformation. Convened by Pope Paul III at Trento, Italy—28 years after Martin Luther issued his 95 Theses—the council fixed the canon of the Old and New Testaments, set the number of sacraments at seven, defined the nature of original sin, and confirmed the doctrine of transubstantiation. How many years was it until the next ecumenical council?

Clapham Junction Rail Crash (1988)
Near London on the morning of December 12, 1988, the driver of the 7:18 train from Basingstoke to Waterloo saw a signal in front of him abruptly change from green to red. He stopped his train and called the signalman, who told him to proceed. Before he could, however, the 6:14 from Poole rammed into his train's rear at about 40 mph (64 km/h). Then, an empty train traveling in the opposite direction hit the wreckage. The crashes killed 35 and injured hundreds more. What caused the signal failure?

Who Do You Think You Are? Recap: Joshua Duhamel
In Who Do You Think You Are?, Josh Duhamel discovered that his 12x great-grandfather, Thomas Norton, held prominent status in 16thcentury England, and was an influential figure in the war between Protestantism and Catholicism at the time. In this episode, Josh found answers to questions that many Americans ask about their own family tree: do Read More

12 Days of Connections
This holiday season, we are honored to share the reunions of 12 Ancestry customers who found long lost family members. We are inspired by the connections, love, and hope from these stories, and we hope you will be too! Check back as we add each story throughout the month. My story began when I Read More

Who Do You Think You Are? Recap: Mandy Moore
A journey on the open seas can be grueling, isolating,and dangerous. Mandy Moore made the surprising discovery that her 3rd-great-grandmother, Ellen Flynn, boarded the ship Lady Peelin 1849 and traveled from Ireland to Australia. Astonishingly, she thenbraved the seas again to go from Australia to England, traveling over 14,000 miles in her lifetime. In a Read More

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with StoryCorps
At Ancestry, we care deeply about keeping and preserving memories from our ancestors and loved ones. This year, we are honored to partner with StoryCorps, a wonderful non-profit organization that records and shares the stories of Americans from all different backgrounds. The stories are archived and select recordings are shared with the public through StoryCorps Read More

Gross, Nebraska, Population 2: The Home You Didn’t Know You Had
It’s that time of year, once again, when thoughts of family and friends, and going home are more prevalent than ever. Having a home for the holidays provides great comfort, a sense of roots and belonging, no matter what home looks like – a leafy rural hideaway, a bustling city with gleaming skyscrapers – or Read More

Ancestry Launches a New Take on Genetic Traits
Ancestry’s long history of innovation has driven our leadership in family history and, more recently, the emerging field of consumer genomics. Today, we’re proud to introduce a fun and innovative way for you to further explore who you are and where you come from  AncestryDNA Traits. Using science and data to power ongoing journeys Read More

Descendants of Honor
This Veterans Day, we are featuring the diverse descendants of Medal of Honor recipients to showcase the fact that our military heroes truly come from everywhere. Here are a few of their stories. Christopher Langlois  Descendant Christopher Flynn  Medal of Honor Recipient Ireland “I was named after him. I try to live up Read More

Researching the Genetics of Human Lifespan
Today, I am proud to have the opportunity to highlight how the drive for discovery at Ancestry extends to our important research collaborations. Three years ago, we announced a collaboration with Calico, a research and development company focused on the biology of longevity. Today, our first joint research paper was published in GENETICS, a journal Read More

This Week in History – November 5
This Week in History is Ancestry’s look back at notable events from the past. Featuring three moments from our Newspapers.com archives, this Week in History is our way of remembering what came before us. In honor of Veteran’s Day on November 11th, we remember our American heroes and their service to our country. During the week Read More

This Veterans Day, Discover the Military Heroes in your Family
For the past 30 years, our focus has been digitizing and making historical content accessible for everyone – today, we offer more than 10 billion historical documents, including an unmatched collection of more than 250 million military records. As America celebrates Veterans Day this year, and its service members who have fought (and still fight) Read More

Why you should visit Buffalo
Yes, it gets some snow. Okay, a lot of it. But the newly hot city in Upstate New York — full of sports enthusiasts, restaurateurs and makers — knows exactly what to do with itself in any kind of weather.

The Latest: Airbnb bashes New Orleans’ proposed restrictions
A New Orleans City Council member has released a long-awaited proposal that would ban short-term rentals of whole houses in the city’s residential areas

If you don’t have time to absorb Jefferson’s Monticello, head to Monroe’s Highland
At the fifth president’s estate near Charlottesville, which is next door to that of the third president, you can opt for a contemplative tour.

Travel deals: Hotel Week NYC savings and discounted Eurail passes
The week’s best bargains around the globe.

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Why you should visit Milwaukee
Wisconsin’s largest city welcomes visitors with lake views, stellar food, never-ending brews and a hearty dose of Midwestern niceness.

What is green travel, anyway? A beginners guide to eco-friendly vacation planning.
Experts offer tips on choosing earth-friendly modes of transportation, hotels and activities.

A host of new apps can help travelers learn foreign languages — up to a point
Computer-based language instruction is on the rise. Here’s what you need to know.

How I used Airbnb’s Open Homes program to help California wildfire victims
The company waives fees and covers insurance for homeowners who participate.

Delta: On long flights, leave your support animal at home
Delta Air Lines will bar emotional-support animals on long flights

State Department campaign has a holiday message for Americans abroad: Travel safely
The agency has created a checklist for use before and during your trip.

Winter storm causes icy roads across swath of South
Millions in Southern states brace for a harsh wintry storm that’s bringing immobilizing snowfalls, icy roads or deadly floods.

In the Bahamas, Cat Island offers spectacular diving and solitude for miles
With a diminishing population of locals and few outside visitors, this is not Nassau.

Affordable, friendly Nevis offers the perfect site for a do-it-yourself wellness retreat
The island abounds with opportunities to enjoy fresh food, contemplation and exercise.

Puerto Rico puts Hurricane Maria — and the bulk of the recovery — behind it
The island has reached pre-storm levels for cruises and flights, and about 75 percent of hotels are open.

Aboard a chartered catamaran in the British Virgin Islands: The more the merrier
A family sailing vacation goes better when kids — and parents — have friends along for the ride.

Travel deals: Northern Lights package in Iceland and Southwest fare sale
The week’s best bargains around the globe.

Instead of the Magnificent Mile, head to Hyde Park for a real sense of Chicago
Historical homes, diverse eateries and lakefront acreage are among its attractions.

Why do airlines block their customers on social media?
Twitter can be a good way to reach companies when you have a complaint — up to a point.

In Rome, a new law targets such bad tourist behaviors as bathing in fountains
Repeat offenders risk expulsion from certain areas of Italy’s capital city.

The Latest: Paris police chief says 112 cars torched in riot
The chief of police in Paris has condemned protest-related rioting in the French capital as unprecedented and unacceptable violence

The Latest: Paris police chief says 112 cars torched in riot
The chief of police in Paris has condemned protest-related rioting in the French capital as unprecedented and unacceptable violence

Utah say goodbye to $1 million for parks during ‘13 shutdown
Utah leaders are resigned to the fact that they are likely to never be repaid the nearly $1 million the state spent in 2013 to keep the state’s popular national parks open during a government shutdown

A skier’s circuit: The ‘powder highway’ through the Canadian Rockies
In British Columbia, heavy snow, light crowds and every kind of skiing imaginable.

Mike Isabellas restaurant empire is headed for liquidation. He blames bad press.
Nine months after sexual harassment allegations, Isabella has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Mike Isabellas restaurant empire is headed for liquidation. He blames bad press.
Nine months after sexual harassment allegations, Isabella has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Is boozy kombucha good for you? Its getting so popular it might not matter.
Drink to your health? The growing list of alcoholic kombucha producers hope you do.

The balance of flavor is just right in these healthful chocolate-orange crisps
NOURISH | Easy to make and delightful for gift giving — if you can keep from eating them all yourself.

Free Range on Food: Wednesday, Dec. 12, at noon
We'll be talking about our top cookbooks of the year, a chestnut sour for the holidays, this week's recipes and more. Guest Cathy Barrow joins us.

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2018 Fall Dining Guide
The D.C. dining scene just keeps getting better. Tom Sietsema reviews 48 of the best restaurants the city has to offer.

How to serve the best punch, eggnog, hot chocolate and more at your holiday party
Whether you're putting out the punch bowl or heating up eggnog, we've got tips and recipes.

‘New Bae’ spice producer on Old Bay lawsuit: ‘We dont think were doing anything wrong here.’
A small Pittsburgh-based spice shop has waded into crab-infested waters.

A hot dog is a taco. A steak is a salad. A Pop-Tart is a calzone. Let the Cube Rule explain.
At last, a unified theory of classification for all types of food.

Chrissy Teigens peanut butter-chocolate chip blondies are warm, gooey bliss
It's warm, gooey and delicious. What more could you ask for?

The stars align at St. Anselm, a tavern for the times
Chef Marjorie Meek-Bradley headlines the new steakhouse near Union Market.

Heres a chuck-wagon skillet dinner your young cook can master
Ground turkey, kidney beans and crispy tortilla strips make for a simple — yet hearty — meal.

A three-ingredient, cheesy potato gratin fit for the holiday season
Turn these potatoes into festive shapes with cookie cutters.

2018 is an investment year for cookbooks
COOKBOOKS | There’s no reason to limit the list to 10, is there?

Pull out your can openers for these tinned fish recipes
Simple recipes using tuna, anchovies and sardines.

This dish brings the fire — and the fun — of Indian cooking to roasted cauliflower
WEEKNIGHT VEGETARIAN | The marinade doubles as a sauce.

The one cooking technique that wont steer you wrong
So many foods benefit from steaming, one of the gentlest and underrated ways to achieve proper doneness.

Canned foods helped her through poverty. Now Britain’s ‘Tin Can Cook’ inspires others with her budget recipes.
Non-binary, transgender cookbook author Jack Monroe might be the most improbable of celebrity chefs.

Its time to stop defending Brussels sprouts — and let them speak for themselves
Why must we always focus on why people don't, instead of do, like them?

The tools you need to bake better cookies
From dough to devoured, this is your guide to cookie perfection.

14 essential kitchen gifts for people who love to cook
What are the best multicookers, food processors and blenders to buy? We’ve got the answers.

These are the 5 recipes our readers loved most this week
Featuring latkes, cookies and soup.

Looking for a holiday cocktail? Try a hoary old chestnut.
SPIRITS | This drink’s earthy-tasting base is lovely when dolled up with wintry spices.